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DIA:14.0mm, G.DIA:13.7mm
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【Toric/12month】 GEO / HC-246 choco toric /1093 </br> DIA:14.0mm, G.DIA:13.7mm
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【Toric/12month】 GEO / HC-246 choco toric /1093
DIA:14.0mm, G.DIA:13.7mm

Price per Pair :
89.03 63.37 USD (You'll earn 1.27 Points)


right eye-SPH :
right eye-CYL :
right eye-AXIS :
left eye-SPH :
left eye-CYL :
left eye-AXIS :

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Please understand the manufacturing time when you order because this astigmatism product can take more than one month to be manufactured by GEO. Also, please note that shipping of other products can be delayed if you include this astigmatism product by GEO in your order.

HC-246 choco


Chocolate Color Contacts that make your pupil more natural and vivid. The contacts are cute but not overbearing, and blend well with the innate color of your pupil. The lenses glitter beautifully, displaying both cuteness and naturalness. 



Origin: South Korea

Diameter :14.0mm

Base Curve: 8.6

Water content: 40±2%

Duration : 1 year


HC-246 choco

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