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MI [Toric] Clouds  Brown  /654
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MI [Toric] Clouds Brown /654

Price per Pair :
89.26 59.90 USD (You'll earn 1.20 Points)


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right eye-CYL :
right eye-AXIS :
left eye-SPH :
left eye-CYL :
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[Toric] Clouds  Brown Contact Lenses /654

[Toric] Clouds  Brown Contact Lenses

[Toric] Clouds  Brown Contact Lenses



Brand: MI

Origin: South Korea

Diameter: 14.0mm

Base Curve: 8.6mm

Duration: 1 year


 Despite its simple design, the product is a must-have item.

The boundary’s circle line generates big-eye effect, while mild brown coloration creates calm atmosphere. Bright brown certainly grabs attention, but does not really appear off from the complete style. Thanks to its naturalness, the brown color contacts bring clarity and beauty to your eyes at the same time. 


MI clouds brown

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