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【 Yearly / 2 Lenses】 Geo Tri Color Green /1028

【 Yearly / 2 Lenses】 Geo Tri Color Green  /1028
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  • Duration of 6-12 months means that after opening the contact lens it can be wear for a period of 6-12 months.
  • Depending on the monitor screen, there may be a slight difference in color between the real and the photo, so please understand it with generosity.
  • If you should exchange the item inevitably, please send back the goods at your own expense.We do not offer shipping labels.


Light black and green around the edges and gold on the center of the contacts mix well together. Suitable if you're looking for vibrant color changes! Renowned for its beautiful coloration, the pair of contacts is also beloved by many celebrities in Korea. The reviews are filled with comments praising the product’s natural and cute style. It is guaranteed to fit your eyes perfectly with a 14.2mm diameter and 8.60mm base curve.

NAME Tri Color Green
DIAMETER 14.2mm BC 8.6mm
PACKAGE Pair (1box-2ea)TYPE Soft lens

ORIGIN South of Korea
POWER 0.00~-8.00


DIA 14.2mm / BC 8.6mm / G.DIA 13.8mm


** The review was taken from models who actually wore the product. **

These lenses gives me the perfect blend of two tones of green along with a smudgy black outer ring which looks very natural and subtle. These are my first circle lenses and they are very comfortable. I almost forget that i am wearing them. These are 14mm in diameter but they gives minimal enlargement , which is just perfect for me. The looks equally beauitful in every kind of lighting.

Color & Design : (9.5 out of 10)


Surprisingly, these lenses looks great on my dark brown eyes. The color green is just perfect and blends beautifully with my dark brown eyes. The smudge outer ring gives very natural and subtle enlargement. I must say i am in love with them.

Comfort: (10 out of 10)


 These are the most comfortable lenses i have ever worn. I almost forget them after wearing them , I wear these lenses for three consecutive days without any heaviness or dryness in my eyes. Do not forget to soak your lenses in solution for 24 hours before wearing them for the first time.

Enlargement ( 6 out of 10)


If you are looking for Emo look or barbie doll eye look , these lenses are not your cup of tea. but as i love to wear natural looking lenses , i would rate them 10 on 10 for the enlargement factor. They are just perfect according to my personal taste.

Geo Tri Color Green Contact lens

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