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Silicon hydrogel【Astigmatism /1Pair】 COSA Choco Toric /1345

Silicon hydrogel【Astigmatism /1Pair】 COSA Choco Toric /1345
left eye-SPH :
left eye-CYL :
left eye-AXIS :
right eye-SPH :
right eye-CYL :
right eye-AXIS :

Total Purchase Amount:


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    ※ Notice ※
  • Duration of 6-12 months means that after opening the contact lens it can be wear for a period of 6-12 months.
  • Depending on the monitor screen, there may be a slight difference in color between the real and the photo, so please understand it with generosity.
  • If you should exchange the item inevitably, please send back the goods at your own expense.We do not offer shipping labels.


NAMECOSA Choco Toric / 1345


TYPESoft lens
ORIGINSouth of Korea

SPH = 0.00 ~ -10.00
CYL = -0.0~-4.00
AXIS = 0, 180


The chocolate brown you need for daily use!

The best item that brightens my eyes!🤣🤣

COSA Choco Korean Style Colored lens,Astigmatism

Lenses that are perfect for wearing at any time
in your daily life such as work, school, and travel!🤍
If you are looking for a soft, shiny brown
This is a beautiful lens that you can recommend to your friends!!👍🏻💕

Astigmatism,COSA Choco Korean Style Colored lens

Astigmatism,COSA Choco Korean Style Colored lens

It is comfortable to wear
These lenses are perfect for wearing without makeup!
This lens is highly recommended for those
who are burdened with colorful lenses.

Astigmatism,COSA Choco Korean Style Colored lens

Astigmatism,COSA Choco Korean Style Colored lens

Astigmatism,COSA Choco Korean Style Colored lens

Astigmatism,COSA Choco Korean Style Colored lens

Astigmatism,COSA Choco Korean Style Colored lens

It looks so natural, like it was originally my eyes!
Brown is fine, but chocolate brown is a little darker
and has a soft brown color, so I think it's prettier!

I recommended this to a friend~!!!
Originally, my eyes were a bit bright,
so I wore chocolate brown, and it turned out to be the brown I wanted!
It goes well with my hair color and
I like that it can be worn naturally anywhere, anytime.

I like colorful colors, but sometimes I like these calm basic colors too!
For those who use lenses, brown color is a must have item!
Chocolate brown is my favourite, I'm going to buy a few more!!
lensbc faq1. How long does shipping take for Astigmatism Contacts?

EMS Shipping (3~5 days)+Custom manufacture Period(1~2 Weeks) = Total 2~3 Weeks

International registered mail (10 days)+Custom manufacture Period(1~2 Weeks) = Total 3~4 Weeks

Astigmatism contacts require 1~2 Weeks of manufacture period for they are manufactured upon custom requests.

* Colored contactsfor myopia *

EMS Shipping(3~5days)+ lead time (2 days) = Total 1 Week

Internationalregistered mail(10 days)+lead time (2 days) = Total 2 Weeks

faq2. Are options unlisted in the selection bar available as custom manufacture?

Curvature or AXIS unlisted as the option of the product cannot be applied in manufacture.

faq3. Why is 180 the only option for AXIS for some products?

Currently, astigmatism products are classified roughly into two categories: products that only accommodates AXIS 180 option and products that provide 0~180 AXIS option choices. Due to inventory management issues, we are unable to provide 0~180 AXIS options for all our product lines.

faq4. Can I custom order circle contact products for myopia as Astigmatism Contacts with the same design?

We regret to inform you that such is not a viable option. Although astigmatism contacts are manufactured upon custom order placement, we cannot accommodateevery customized demand due to inventory management issues. Please understand that choices on custom manufacture for astigmatism contacts are limited to the category specified on the website.

faq5. I have astigmatism on only one eye. Is it okay if base curves of left and right eyes are different?

Although user experience may vary, most customers with the same condition utilize contacts with different base curves with no major problem.

faq6. Order cancel

Please understand that once the custom-order that has been processed and manufactured, it is not eligible for re-sale and therefore, cannot be cancelled. For further purchases, please be advised that all custom-order sales are final, and that the company will not be responsible for any inconveniences arising from changes to the order.

faq7. Tip for purchasing colored lenses for the beginners.

Shipping & Return