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Tip for purchasing colored lenses for the beginners.
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Tip for purchasing colored lenses for the beginners. As people are getting more and more interested in appearance, a lot of people are using lenses nowadays. Yet, for our valuable eyes that the lenses directly touch, what should we consider? We would like to give a few tips for the first users, briefly.

When wearing contact lenses for a long time, oxygen cannot be provided to eyes. 
Also if the pigment of the colored lenses touches the cornea, we would feel eyestrain which all would result in impairing sights.| It is more important for you to choose the lenses that the safety is secured. Circle lenses are popular as much as colored lenses nowadays.

Contact lenses are quite different with colored lenses as there puts black and grey pigment on the edging around of the contact lenses. 

They are used for directing cute and younger impression by making pupils look bigger. Recently, colored lenses with differentiated designs and colors are more popular, and there are various kinds of them with different patterns or with different colors in the market place. Which would be a clever choice for our eyes?

It is important to consider the rate of moisture concentration and oxygen-permeability when selecting suitable lenses. Moisture concentration means the percentage of water content in the lenses. 

Either the high or low concentration gives bad effect to the eyes. Lenses with the high moisture-concentration rate can make eyes dry because they try to keep moisture. The right percentage is 38%-42%. Moreover, you should use the products with a good oxygen-permeability, as the amount of oxygen provided to eyes directly influences our eyes. Yet, if you are concerned of pigment that directly touches the cornea, then we recommend you to use the ones made by Sandwich process. (all the products that we provide are processed with Sandwich method.)

Sandwich process is the method of inserting pigment between the lenses. Some low-priced lenses are produced by printing pigment on the surface, which can cause various side-effects, as the pigments can smear the cornea or oxygen can be blocked. Also, as colored lenses are the medical supplies, you should make sure if the products are the identified ones and if they are provided in the right place.
Click here (quality guaranteed)for the specific information regarding the safety and authenticity. For the lense-beginners, the suitable graphic diameter is 14.3 mm. The smaller ones would cause the HULA phenomenon where the lenses frequently move within the eyes. Earlier products used to be smaller, but nowadays lenses with diameter 14.3mm are mostly used. Caring lenses are also very important!! For our healthy eyes, colored lenses should be cleaned everyday. In fact, there are some people having problems on eyes because of careless management and misuses. It is necessary to have eye-check up periodically, follow the instructions regarding caring the lenses and purchase the identified lenses for the healty eyes. Here are some tips for wearing lenses !!

- Lenses should be worn before makeup. In reverse, remove the lenses before      wiping off your makeup. 
- Refrain from using contact lenses when exposed to dust, smoke, or chemicals. 
- Clean the case more than 1 time in a week, and put it upside down to dry out all     the moisture 
- Replace the lenses every three months. 
- Refrain from using lenses when swimming and taking a bath to prevent infections.
- When cleaning the lenses, oppression can make deformation on its curve. 

 Please rub the lenses carefully. For more information related to wearing and caring the lenses, please read this (Care guide for contact lenses)!