On Dislocated Contact Lenses(Hula-Hoop Incident)
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Hula-Hoop Incidents refer to occasions in which your contacts may be dislocated from your pupils during the wear. Many of these incidents happen when the user unknowingly wear the lenses reversed. For colored contacts and circle lenses, it is difficult to tell inner and outer surfaces apart compared to normal transparent lenses. Therefore, when worn reversed, these contacts tend to move up and down and dislocate from the pupil. 
Many first-time users complain about bad experience of Hula-Hoop incidents coming from wrongfully placed contacts. Obviously when worn reversed, contacts will cause discomfort and may even damage the retina. In other words, the Hula-Hoop incidents are results of wrong usage of contacts, not the cause of discomfort in 
wearing experience. It is important for users to thoroughly examine the inner/outer surface of the contacts during wear to resolve Hula incidents. Many experienced users who have worn contacts for several years realize that they have been wearing contacts reversed after they encounter Hula incidents. 
Moreover, a little movement of the contacts can provide a better condition for the eye, increasing comfort and providing enough space to circulate tears. When the lenses remain firmly on the pupil without movement, the surface of direct contact to the retina can strain the eyes and even cause minuscule damage. 
Even transparent contact lenses often display continuous movement if examined closely during wear.
Hula incidents can happen people with small pupil diameter try wearing contacts that display small transparent centers. We cannot answer precisely which products will cause Hula incidens because people’s pupil sizes vary. Even for people with large and protruded eyes can have small pupil dimeter, which causes contacts to move a lot during wear. When the movement becomes excessive, it causes Hula.  
Because the of vibrant color of contacts, the movement of the lenses on the surface of your pupils may look more apparent. Regular Circle lenses appear black in general, and the movements of these contacts may be unnoticeable. For those customers who are still bothered by the movements, we recommend choosing products with small diameter and wide transparent centers. The disturbing movement of the contacts will be unnoticeable. 
Again, it is perfectly normal for contacts to move slightly on the surface of your pupils. When the lens stay firm without movement in the eye, it can cause dry eyes. 
Even just a little bit of tear between the lens and the retina will facilitate oxygen circulation and hydration, which results in more comfortable experience during wear. The more the contacts stay stiffly without movement on the retina, the drier your eyes become. 
This is the reason people add artificial teardrops or saline water to moisturize the contacts to replace natural tear, and make the usage more comfortable. 
When your eyes run dry, you can move the contacts slightly by adding teardrops to your eyes.
However, the brand-new contacts on first usage may be very moist and also cause them to move more freely during wear. Spending some time during wear may allow the lenses to settle in, and stabilize movement on the surface of the pupil.
When the contacts keep dislocating from the pupils even after for a while, you may have wrongfully revered the surfaces of the contacts during wear. 

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