#5 Myths and Facts about Black Color Contacts

Soft, disposable color contacts have spiced up the 21st century fashion world. Stunning colors of contact lenses, which when worn, highlights the personality which makeup, hair dye, clothes or accessories cannot do. This trendy and cool color contacts creates larger iris effect, allowing them to do something new with their look. If you smartly choose the right option from different colored contact lenses, you can simply create an impression on others without even speaking a single word. And, among all other contact lenses, Black contacts are gaining more rage these days.

Black colored contacts are among the most popular lenses that you can find in the market. The contacts create unique, gatholic, interesting and a bold look. Black tint of colored contacts gives clear visibility and helps distinguish them while placing and removing them. The contact totally mask the iris of your eye and allows the dark color to take over. These contacts are helpful for human being, but still some myths are there.

Here are some of the myth and fact about black color contacts:

Myth: Eye contacts are manufactured only for adults.
Fact: Contact lenses are not only designed for adults. There are companies manufacturing lenses for children, those who are unable to see clearly. These eye lenses have nothing to do with age. However, the child or teenager need to take care while applying and removing it.

Myth: Wearing contact lenses causes eye and skin infection.
Fact: A contact applied without consulting any doctor, and in an improper manner, could cause eye-infection. Infection in eye occurs due to carelessness of the users while inserting and removing it. Sometimes low quality lenses purchased from unauthorized store and imperfect cleaning can also lead to eye infection.

Myth: Contact lenses stuck in the eyes.
Fact: This fact is absolutely false. Researches says that contact lenses never fuses with the eyes, it provides a protective layer to your eyes. The Conjuctiva membrane creates a barrier between the eye-ball and the eye-lid, which restricts the lens to slip back. The lens are not able to go anywhere other than the front surface of your eyes.

Myth: Contact lenses are not safe during sports.
Fact: Contact lenses gets limited to water sports only. Other than that, it gives a wider field vision without any obstruction. Due to this feature, it has created an impression in the heart of the sports person.

Myth: Contact lenses are uncomfortable.
Fact: Contact lenses are never uncomfortable and painful. Usually, you would feel discomfort in the beginning. But, as soon as the eye gets habituated most people not even notice that they are wearing lenses.

Myth: Lenses are expensive
Fact: Contact lenses are not too expensive. Manufacturers are producing it at low-cost, so that everyone could afford it.

The colored contacts improves the vision and can create doe eyes, cat eyes or can ever mimic famous iconic styles such as Gyaru, Ulzaangs etc. You could find plethora of design and sizes for Black contacts in online stores. So, if you are willing to sport daring, yet cool, look, go ahead and buy yourself a pair of these contacts.