Enlightenment on Color Contact Lenses

Out of many primary and secondary colors available in contact lenses, the most prevalently used ones are blue color contacts. No wonder blue is a warm and soothing color that redefines your eyes with more volume. Even people with natural bluish hue in their eye prefer using other shades of blue contacts. In some cases, they are worn by people who wish to look like their favourite role model or actors with striking blue eyes. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Aishwarya Rai and Matthew McConaughey have natural blue eyes, which inspire many to choose a vibrant blue color lens for their eyes.

Only a minor percentage of people have natural blue shade in their eye, whereas a majority of the world’s population has natural brown eyes. A small fragment of Americans used to have blue eyes, but immigration and interracial marriage has resulted in predominant brown-eyed population.

Perhaps people prefer wearing blue color contacts because it adds more contrast and volume to their light colored eyes. Whatever the reasons are, there are some important facts you need to be cautious of while going for the contacts.

A general reason why people choose blue contacts is correcting weak vision. Blue color contacts are mostly worn by fashion conscious people to make a striking appearance.

Prescription is vital

Whether for vision impairment or worn as a fashion accessory, blue contacts fall under the classification of medical devices in most of the countries. Hence, they should be worn under medical guidance. A valid prescription from an eye-clinic with a valid statement stating its purpose of usage that is for correction or for casual wear is crucial. Make sure you follow these important guidelines before purchasing a lens whether from any retail or online store.

Safety measures for proper handling

There are certain safety measures for wearing any colored or normal contact lenses. These steps are essential for a safe and long term wear according to an ophthalmologist’s point of view.

1. Make sure you wash and sanitize your hands properly before inserting and removal of contact lenses.
2. Never share or lend your lenses with anyone
3. Clean the lenses with solution provided to cleanse it and to keep it infection free.
4. Replace your lenses immediately when damaged.
5. Feel free to approach a doctor on itching, twitching or any irritation caused after application, as it becomes unbearable to wear a lens in the infected eye.

Blue color contacts are more popular and preferred over other colors because it is available in various tones. Blue is a versatile color, which makes it ideal for parties and everyday use as well. Keep the aforementioned facts in mind and go for a nice pair of blue contacts. Eyes are sensitive; take care of them the best way possible.

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