4 Famous Celebrities Wearing Blue Contacts

If you, like most, have ever wanted blue eyes, can now go with blue colored contact lenses. Even if you are lucky enough to have blue eyes, give nature a helping hand and really make your eyes pop up with blue colored contacts. The blue contacts that are available come in a wide range of styles, shades, and blends depending on if you are looking for a natural or a more wilder look. Not only common people, their availability in varied styles have also made them popular among many popular celebrities.

Celebrities always try to create their own brand by identifying themselves with a particular look. For example, some are well-known for the blue color of their eyes. What many people are unaware is that a lot of celebrities don’t have natural blue eyes, rather they go for wearing blue colored lenses to make it appear so.

Here, a list of five celebrities who are well-known for their blue eyes, but in fact have different eye colors.

Paris Hilton: She was actually born with blue eyes, but today is known worldwide for her bright blue eyes. For Paris, she says that she always wears color contacts to create her idea of a desirable image. She particularly prefer to go for blue lenses with black edging. This gives her a celestial and chic look, no matter what attire she wears along with.

Amber Rose: Famous for being Kanye West’s girlfriend, Amber Rose is also known as a model. Spotted at many different parties and social events, she is always recognized with a change in different eye contacts blending well with her outfits. With natural eye color dark brown or black, this super model is most often spotted with her crazy pale blue contacts which make her look more impressive and interesting.

Lindsay Lohan: This former American child model underwent a striking change from freckle-faced sweetie to sensuous teen redhead to super-skinny blonde vamp, all before she was able to recognize what actually fame means. She is most often spotted wearing blue colored contacts which makes her naturally green eyes mesmerizing blue.

Jennifer Aniston: She is probably one of the most popular stars of ‘Friends’, an American television sitcom. Married to the super hunk Brad Pitt, Jennifer is very fashionable and creative with her looks, especially when it comes to eye color. Having natural brown eyes, she is always seen wearing blue color contacts.

Today color contacts are not only available in varied colors for people who wish to make a style statement, but also there are now colored contacts for astigmatism that addresses the issue of blurred vision in people.