Sharingan Contacts- Wear the Wheel Eye Effect

The wheel eye effect or commonly known as the Sharingan effect for the eyes is just a click away now. These contacts are specially designed to aid the cosplayers in dressing up like their favorite animated character of the Uchiha clan.

Sharingan is a special kind of pupil technique that naturally occurs to all the members of the Uchiha clan. And, because of this Sharingan or “Wheel Eye”, the Uchiha excelled at being able to read and fend the attackers. This ocular power of the Uchiha clan granted them different abilities and different insight. The Sharingan does not automatically come from the birth in a user. Instead, it will usually appear when the user is in a life-threatening situation; where the power of the sharingan could save the user.

Cosplayers dressing up like their favorite Uchiha clan characters can now flaunt their pupil techniques to complete their look. There is a wide variation in designs from where a cosplayer can choose pairs that belong to their favorite superhero. The contacts are colorful and have special effects on them, which when used enhances the pupil to the animated ones.

The special effect contact lenses are made up of high oxygen-permeability and are equipped with double coating, which prevents the pigments used in the contacts from smearing to the eyes. Again, these contacts are made with the unique three curves process to make it available for the tears to smear through making the lenses highly easy for wearing and utmost comfortable for the eyes. They do not cause any harm while providing the desired special effects or the wheel eye effect. They look super good along with a perfect costume of the desired character from the Uchiha clan for the cosplay and are a sure head turners.

The contacts can be used only for cosmetic enhancement and not as a direct replacement of the conventional clear lenses. Hence, users are generally instructed to use these kinds of lenses for temporary purposes.