Best Colored Contacts for Brown Eyes

Switching your eye color to something else can add an exciting twist to your overall look. Some people go for a dramatic change, others try settling with a subtle one to accentuate their natural eye color. Dark eyes have historically been the trickiest to change and still bear the most natural or dramatic look. Although being a little tricky, it is not impossible.

Do you want to turn the color of your eyes from brown to something elseIf so, then the next question is which color will work the best for your deep brown eyes. Although there are varieties of colored contacts, none of them is splendid enough for those who have brown eyes. However, new styles of contacts has evolved currently which gives you the look you simply desire. Now with some great color contacts available in the market, let’s dig in and unveil the best color contacts for brown eyes.

Blue color contacts for brown eyes

With different shades of brown, different shades of blue contacts will also determine which ones are the best colored contact lenses for brown eyes. Choosing a lighter shade of blue is probably a great choice of colored contacts you can have for your dark brown eyes. If your eyes are actually light brown, wearing bright blue colored contacts will end up creating a perfect sea-blue color giving your eyes a brighter look. Other blue shades of contacts for brown eyes include soft blue, electric blue, baby blue and deep blue.

Green color contacts for brown eyes

Green colored contacts are also another natural colored contacts that can work great with dark brown eyes. People get varying results when they wear green contacts on brown eyes. The original brown color of the eye gels with the green to give an olive-green iris with a tinge of brown in it. The varieties of green colored contacts for brown eyes include soft green contacts, opaque green contacts, gemstone green contacts, and many other blends too. They do the job when you want to get a natural look. These are also cool for people with darker complexion.

Gray color contacts for brown eyes

Gray colored contacts are the best to wear when you want your eyes to go totally unnoticed. They can be worn with any shade of brown eye color. Whether you have dark or light brown eyes, gray is a color that easily gives you a natural and subtle look. Choose from different shades of gray that include sultry gray, sterling gray and bold gray, depending on what will look the best on your dark brown eyes.

Colored contacts for brown eyes can be fun to wear. From blue to green to gray color contacts, there are a host of contacts choices available to give your dark and brown eyes a unique appearance.