Top 6 Colored Contact Looks Men Should Try Out

Colored contacts are an excellent alternative to bring dazzle in your eyes. An individual generally feels more confident when he/she looks in the mirror and see the cool eyes staring back. Whether it is Megan Fox’s natural hazel colored eyes, Paris Hilton’s pair of blue contacts featuring black edging or Angelina Jolie clear tint of blue for seductive smoky eyes, these colored contacts made everybody mad!

Wearing colored contact lenses has always been associated to women and girls who want to add spice to their looks. However, in the 21st century this is not true completely. Men use colored contacts now to look more stunning and handsome and bring about a total makeover! Men look equally gorgeous with circle lenses; however there are certain hues that are most appropriate for men to wear. Here are some colored contacts look that men should try out:

Old blue Eyes: To look more dashing like Edward Norton, put on aqua blue contacts. This would emphasize your slicked black hair and tan skin. With these contacts, get the second look from people passing by.

Dark and stormy: If you wish a rugged man look, as man of all season Dirk Nowitzki do in the basketball court, try gray contacts. This well suits a strong personality and reflect a mysterious look.

Green and Envy: Shades of green in lenses brings out the skin tone and hair color. Although, this is also true, not everyone can sport this looks appropriately. You need to be lucky enough just as Tom Cruise to carry it.

Deep Sea blue: Sapphire blue, sea blue, true blue... whatever it is called, there's nothing like a classic blue color. The best example of deep blue eyes, is former James Bond star, Pierce Brosnan. Carry out this classic blue contacts and see how this can draw attention from other people.

Basic brown: Do not label brown as boring color. Shades of brown such as topaz, chestnut and nut brown, reflects a dreamer and poetic appearance. Dark brown is most preferable, as it goes well with all occasion and clothing. A man would look alike Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s.

Grey Lens: Pearly grey, warm-honey, dark green, hazel and brown are mostly recommended pairs of circle lenses for men with combination of dark eyes, hair and skin tone.

Colored contact lenses can take ordinary eye color to extraordinary eye color. For Guys, these are the best way to enhance your look. Keep the skin color and hair color in mind and choose among different colors that can give you back your twinkle.