Toric Coloured Contacts - Alternative for Correcting Astigmatism

Nowadays, there are different types of colored contact lenses available, and sometimes it becomes hard to select a perfect one. Those who are suffering from eye disorders, do not usually prefer colored contact lenses. But if you suffer from astigmatism, then you should opt for toric contact lens. Astigmatism is a visual defect that occurs due to uneven shape of cornea inside the eye and these lenses are the best solution to correct this problem.

Toric colored contacts for astigmatism have a distinct adjustment, they need to fit on your eye in a correct way. These lenses compensate by placing themselves adequately over the eyeball and remains tightly. These contact lenses provide you better vision as well as an eye-conic look.

Toric colored contacts for Astigmatism:

The lenses are made of soft or rigid gas-permeable materials. Each comes in a variety of designs, styles and materials. Rigid gas-permeable lenses holds its shape when you blink and comes in many multifocal and bifocal designs. These durable lenses allow oxygen to reach the eye easily as these are made of permeable materials. They combine silicone for flexibility and comfortability.

Astigmatism is caused by irregular shape of cornea that results a blurred vision. The most common way to correct Astigmatism is to wear toric contacts. Though toric colored contacts for astigmatism cannot lessen the irregular curve of cornea, but it can correct the eyesight problems caused by Astigmatism. They fit on your eye firmly, remain in one position and gives you a proper vision. People who have used spherical lenses, but got unsatisfactory result, can experiment blindly with these contacts. The specific type and style of colored contact lens used depends upon the type of astigmatism and vision quality.

How toric contact lens works?

The contact lens uses a new technology that counteract the effects of an elliptical-shaped cornea and results a clear vision. Use of these lenses also helpful in eliminating future instances of cataracts. It is medically proven that these contact lenses produce immediate results for patients having astigmatism. It can highly increase focus and clarity on distant objects.

Toric colored contacts for astigmatism works in two different ways:

1. It has distinctive powers in different meridians of the lens that correct the varying amount of farsightedness (hyperopia) or nearsightedness (myopia) in different meridians of the eye that typifies astigmatism.

2. The lens adjusts properly with the cornea so that the power meridians of the lens line up with the correct meridians of the eye that offers a distinct clear vision.

Those who wear these lenses should daily disinfect and clean their lenses and make an effort not to expose themselves to a lot of chemicals, smoke, etc.

Toric colored contacts for astigmatism are specially designed for the astigmatism diagnosed people. Along with a clear vision it also provides the best style, comfort, and fit to the users. They also enhance the beauty of your eyes by changing the color of your eye.

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