Choosing Colored Contacts According to One's Hair Color

The influence and impact of color differs across countries and cultures. The color you choose for your clothes or hair, can reflect your personality, make a statement and add some fun to your day. The same is true for eye color, as well.

The year was 1508, when Leonardo da Vinci discovered the trend of contact lenses that today has become a practical reality for millions of people around the globe. Safe, secure, vision-correcting and colored contacts are now available for people of all ages, needs and costs. They have become an excellent solution for people dealing with astigmatisms, dry eyes, presbyopia and other eye problems.

But color contacts are not only a way to improve or help your sight, they are the latest fashion accessory these days. They work better than any eye make-up, making your eyes look absolutely stunning. Hollywood celebrities like Paris Hilton create their own brand by identifying themselves with a certain look, and in her case, it is blue colored contacts. So, if thinking of creating a "brand" of your own, trying those lenses won't let you down. But there are so many of them! Find out what "eyes" are currently in fashion and select a color that goes with your hair color.

Colored contacts and hair color

Picking color contacts as per one's hair color is easy, but as there are many hair colon families, so, varied options are there.

For those with black hair can go for lighter colored contacts. Bright blue contacts undoubtedly go extremely well with black hair. You can also try out gray colored contacts, which will not only look a bit different, but will make you stand out.

People with brown hair tend to have varying eye colors, but most commonly their eyes are blue, hazel or brown eyes. But out of all, blue colored contacts usually go very well with brown colored hairs. The combination of the darker hair with light eyes will make your eyes look different from others. If have a hint of red in your brown hair, then you can go for trying out hazel color. Green and gray are very rarely used by people with brown hair, although it can happen.

People with blonde hair can go for baby blue contacts, but the usage of green and brown contacts is not a no-no. Those people with brown or blue eyes can opt for green contacts that is a sure to make match your blonde hair. The color is not limited to blue, green or brown only, rather the people can go with a lot of colors and for them the sky is the ultimate limit.

For those with red hair, trying green or blue contact lenses is the perfect way to go. Using other hues and different shades of blue and green is also OK. However, people have also agreed that red hair and green eyes is an outstanding combination.

Contact lenses are really hot today! For those who wish to wear contacts instead of glasses, transparent lenses are the best way to go. But those who wish to make a change in their appearance, can count on colored contacts to get the job done.

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