Ideal Colored Contacts for Brown Eyes

One of the major attractions of colored contacts is that they allow people to finally have an eye color that they have always dreamt of. Colored contacts allow you to change your eye color and create a look that is subtle, bold or anywhere in between to enhance your everyday look or rock a crazy design for Halloween and other special occasions.

Advancements have been made in the field of contact lenses. Today's technology also solves the issue of blurred vision in people affected by astigmatism, an eye problem related to the irregular shape of cornea, by wearing vision correction glasses or contact lenses. For people who wish to make a style statement, there is option of colored contacts for astigmatism. Earlier, people didn't have the option of using the normal contact lenses to correct their astigmatism. Today, development of toric lens is considered best for astigmatic eyes. Made from the same material as regular contacts, these lens possess a different shape and turns out effective for vision correction.

Today, the colored contacts for dark eyes help you achieve the same dramatic effects, even if you want to go for a different eye color altogether. So, all brown-eyed girls out there can achieve the same smoky gray eyes Angelina Jolie uses to stare down her long-time partner Brad Pitt. If you have got a brown eye color, the following guide will take you on the accurate track of choosing the right color and type of lenses.

Blue: Blue is actually one of the most preferred choices of colored contacts for brown eyes. If you have a dark shade of brown eyes, then choose light blue lenses, as this will give you the look of having dark blue-brown eyes. If you have a lighter shade of brown eyes, then choose bright blue contacts, as this will give you the look of having sea blue eyes. Baby blue contacts on light brown eyes will give you a resemblance of Paris Hilton eyes.

Green: This is a top choice of colored contacts for people with brown eyes, who want to get an Irish look. When worn on brown eyes, they give you a very natural look, regardless of the color of your eyes and the lens you choose.

Gray: If you simply want to jazz up your look a bit without going for a full change in the color of your eyes, then this is the excellent choice for you. No matter whatever shades of brown your eyes are, gray is going to look superb on them. The plus point is, this color contact comes matching all skin tones as well.

What if people want to have eye color other than gray, blue or greenWell, then, you can prefer opaque colored contacts that are typically double-tinted and hide your natural eye color. It covers your pupils almost wholly, with only the center left uncovered so that you can still see. Using this lens, you can make your eyes look as dazzling as you want them.