5 FAQs from patients
1. I've been told that I have severe astigmatism, but I don't feel uncomfortable with my vision. Do I still have to wear glasses?
A. Patients generally report that they have "severe astigmatism" even if they have just a little
B. Level of level of it. When these patients are actually tested, they turn out to be perfectly fine, or display a very low (within 1.25 diopter) level of astigmatism which is irrelevant to the vision even with glasses. Also, the level of astigmatism does not directly affect the "vision" itself. Some with severe astigmatism may be able to see things clearly, and some with low level of astigmatism many perceive low and distorted vision. Many report low vision and dizziness after they have tried fixing low level of astigmatism using glasses.
Therefore, it is not necessary for people with astigmatism to wear glasses unless they are feeling uncomfortable or decreased vision. However, patients with high risk of amblyopia that arises from astigmatism are recommended to prevent the situation by wearing glasses.
2. I am thinking of receiving correction surgery for myopia. Does this fix astigmatism too? Nowadays, thanks to advances in correction surgery technology, astigmatism can be corrected to substantial levels. However, there is also a possibility that astigmatism can be caused after the surgery, too. It is very important that you consult with your doctor thoroughly to examine the potential troubles that can be triggered to your eyes after surgery and then decide on whether you go through the process.
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