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Shipping , Returns,Worldwide Delivery

1. Colored contacts for astigmatism

- EMS Shipping(3~5 days)+Custom manufacture Period(1~2 Weeks) = Total 2~3 Weeks

- International registered mail(10 days)+Custom manufacture Period(1~2 Weeks) = Total 3~4 Weeks

*Astigmatism contacts require 1~2 Weeks of manufacture period for they are manufactured upon custom requests.

2. Colored contacts for myopia

 - International Speed airmail:Regardless of package quantity/region, you will be charged $6.7 per order. ed delivery period: 10~15 days+2 days for lead time=12~17 days. Highly recommended for patient customers willing to wait. The fixed fee remains as $6.7. The method is more economical for people purchasing more than two products because of reduced delivery fee per product. 

- EMS (Speed post) : Delivery fee may vary according to nations and regions. Please refer to the expense table provided below.   Expected delivery period: 3~5 days+2 days for lead time=5~7 days. Methods recommended for eager customers who wish to receive products as fast as possible. FREE Worldwide Express Shipping over $99

Spend at least USD 50 and enjoy our FREE shipping privileges where your shopping bags are sent to your doorstep in fast and worry-free way. Express shipping: EMS, estimating 4 ~ 7 working days /Speed airmail 12 ~ 17 to reach you.
Speed airmail
3-5 DAY

*The delivery fee is subject to change according to currency exchange rate.


Every product must be examined thoroughly before opening and cannot be returned for exchange once it’s opened. Defects detected after the product’s seal is opened due to cursory examination will be considered as defects caused after opening and usage, and will not be subject to exchanges. Please refer to the following link: Policy on Exchange and Return for defective products

Our contacts are mass produced by their curvature, in a process of in which curvature orders placed by customers are manufactured in an automatized system. Quality Examination is then thoroughly implemented in 3 processes: Factory(manufacture site), Professional Equipments,and naked eye examination. Such levels of discretion minimize the probability of defective products distributed in the market. Most problems within usage happen by the following reasons

Solutions to problems during usage of contact lenses(Pain, or blurred vision, etc)

1) It is important to distinguish the inner/outer surface of the contacts while wearing.

2) Blurry vision occurs(mostly) from dry eyes.

Customers who have reported defects to the products often fell in the following criteria of misusage.

Please refer to the following instructions to resolve the pain of the eye.


Policy on Exchange and Return for defective products

★When the product is delivered

When the product is delivered, please examine for defects from the exterior of the package before opening the cover of the product with in the specified product exchange period(within 7 days of arrival) and put on the product when no defect is detected.

★Please examine thoroughly before opening package

Our products cannot be returned or exchanged after product seal is opened.

Although Quality Examination is thoroughly implemented in 3 processes in Factory(manufacture site), Professional Equipment, and naked eye examination, some defective products may be distributed in the market, and we require your own discretion in the final product examination before opening the seal of the package.

Upon the opening of the package, we cannot determine whether the defect was caused before or after the usage, and the exchange will never be viable.

★Examining whether the delivered package is the product you ordered

-Please refer to the Order Status to check whether the order you placed meets the curvature you require.

-Examine the condition of the product from the bottom side of the package

-Shake lightly to examine the inner surface of the contacts

-Check whether both pieces(left and right)of the contacts are of the same color.

(Issues regarding factors that cannot be considered as production defaults such as minuscule difference of color, or wrong design cannot be processed under defective product policy. Classification of defective product must be based on the strict standard of whether “the product causes usage issues during wear.”)

When return request has been received within 7 days upon arrival and the company identifies the case as a legitimate product exchange issue, we will contact our customers through email or phone.

Product exchange or return decisions are only accepted upon the arrival of the product and the company’s identification of the issue. When we fail to contact or receive any replies from the customer within 7 working days of the branch, please note that we will consider the return request invalid and will not process the case.

Please note that mailing fees for defective product returns or re-sends will not be covered due to the characteristic of low-price sales operation.

We only guarantee product exchanges to the customers who have abided the aforementioned conditions.

Given that the customer understands and cooperates to the aforementioned conditions, we appreciate your generous understanding required for implementing lower price policies compared to other online markets.

We operate our sales based on understanding that our customers have understood and agreed to the conditions aforementioned.

As a vendor internet commerce, we have always strived to accommodate and respond to to customer requests regarding product quality, and have tried to return defective products even after package seal has been opened for some cases. However, such policies have often caused increased confusion in consumer communication as we could not persuade more customers to examine the product thoroughly before opening and prevent them from encountering defects after the product package has been opened. Our new policy of return has caused confusion to many customers who have gracefully raised their voices on haphazard processing of exchange/return processes.

Hearing out such feedbacks gives us even more passion to set up clearer and stronger rules on exchange and return policy, accepting no exceptions. We promise to implement uniform measures regarding such requests and hope to minimize further confusion regarding product exchange issues, and politely ask you to generously find this new policy acceptable and satisfying.

We apologize deeply for having caused confusion.


※We consider that the defect of the product occurred after the opening of the seal even for the common cases for [no noticeable problem before opening package, but found one after opening the seal].

※We do offer product exchange for defective products but please note that cash return is not viable.

※Product Exchange and Return

1. I can detect color pigments on the surrounding edges of my vision during wear.

This symptom occurs to customers with large pupils or to those entering darkness because the colored portion of the contacts sometimes are placed on top of the pupil. Please note that the issue does not indicate any product defect.

. Once an issue is found, please contact us through email first.(

We cannot process exchange requests when the product is returned to us before any messages from the customer.

3. When product exchange or return takes place more than 3 times due to customer’s personal situation, further requests may not be accepted.

4. Due to limitation of picture display some listed products may slightly seem different in details in reality.

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