The color of the sweet but lethal temptation, purple!
Purple is a color for women as much as it has a nickname of "the color of the most beautiful sin." Purples are the gorgeous, fascinating and tempting color that captures the hearts and minds of men emotionally. These Purple/Violet contacts here are blended with various colors that loog great with purples such as khaki and beige, creating a unique charm. Now, pick your favorite Purple/Violet contacts, the color of ultimate temptation.

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Purple/Violet is a combination of blue and red, giving a variety of feelings.
Tyrian purple is the color of kings and nobility priests for the countries around the Mediterranean. All the products here are loved by many customers by color matching the various tones of purple and violet, such as SKNNY HEZLE Violet with a sublime combination of Hazel and Purple Choose a really attractive color, Purple /Violet contacts here as you want.