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Dueba CF Violet /076
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Dueba CF Violet /076

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22.87 11.05 USD (You'll earn 0.22 Points)


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Dueba CF Violet Contact Lenses/076

Dueba CF Violet

brown カラコン,BASSEN





Make a splash the twinkles with Violet flowery star Contact lenses. This Violet color in flowery-star designs is very unique pattern among our selections which is highly trendy and stylish. So that the unique design with natural purple violet brings you to be the heroine of your life.

- Diameter: 14.5mm
- Base Curve: 8.8
- Sold as a pair
- 360 day life span once opened
- 38% water content
- Packaged in sterile buffered isotonic saline
- Manufactured in the South Korea



review : The eyes look more charming with dark colored lenses and unique feature.
They are very comfortable and there is no HULA phenomenon.


Dueba CF Violet

Dueba CF Violet

Dueba CF Violet

Dueba CF Violet

Dueba CF Violet

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