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SERENA Blue (X9)  /243
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SERENA Blue (X9) /243

Price per Pair :
44.41 9.90 USD (You'll earn 0.20 Points)


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Dueba  SERENA Blue Contact Lenses /243

p>Dueba  SERENA Blue Contact Lenses /243

Dueba  SERENA Blue Contact Lenses /243





Get magical blue eyes with Warm blue eye contact lenses. These Warm blue contacts intrigue irresistible charm in your style. Shimmering finish of lenses will give you amazing and glamorous effects but natural and soft. Be attractive girl with magical eyes.

- Diameter: 15.0mm
- Base Curve: 9.0
- Sold as a pair
- 360 day life span once opened
- 38% water content
- Packaged in sterile buffered isotonic saline
- Manufactured in the South Korea

- Manufactured in accordance with the EU Cosmetics Directive

- Manufactured in the South Korea 

Review :It may look awkward but when I put on the lens, it's actually looks soft,
sexy and natural. I've never seen a lens like this ♥♥♥


Dueba  SERENA Blue Contact Lenses /243

Dueba  SERENA Blue Contact Lenses /243

Dueba  SERENA Blue Contact Lenses /243


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The subtle colors bring maximum naturalness when worn. The coloration is very bright as attested by the photo. The zig-zag patterns around the edge allow your eyes to transform into clear and natural pupils. Natural mix of colors and subtle graphics work together well to create a clear image. The contacts generate calming and natural mood despite the unique design.

** The review was taken from models who actually wore the product.

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