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[toric/gray]  Scarlet gray / 14mm [922]
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[toric/gray] Scarlet gray / 14mm [922]

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スカーレット/ Scarlet gray




Brand: Dueba

Origin: South Korea

Diameter(DIA): 14.0 mm

Extent of Colored Area(Edge to Center) : 13.8mm

Base Curve: 8.6

Water content: 38%

Duration: 6~12month



In need for a key item to totally change the mood of your today's look? Dueba Scarlet Gray Contacts can help! With seemingly transparent center circle that will display a light but clearly noticeable scarlet tint, Scarlet Gray colored lenses emphasize the center of your eyes with mild Gray surroundings. With the effect of color contrast, the emphasis you made on your eyes will be more protruding and visible. Make a move to be noticeable! Start from centering the attention to your lovely and irresistible eyes!

スカーレット/ Scarlet gray

スカーレット/ Scarlet gray

スカーレット/ Scarlet gray

スカーレット/ Scarlet gray

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  Scarlet gray

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