Create a moist eyeball and cool eye shape by using blue contacts of young sense.
Blue, which represent positiveness and youth, is people's favorite color. Sky blue contacts of bright blue color creates a cute and lovely image, and dark blue contacts create trust and a luxurious image. Especially, G&G GBT sky is popular because of its softness and comfortable fit.

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Blue is harmonized with warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow. It also works very well with white, creating cool and refreshing feelings.

The calm Blue contacts, opposite of warmth, have the feelings of freshness and mystic beauty. There is an infinite variety of blue colors with a mystical feeling, depending on the saturation. Among them, the number of well-known colors is even 111, including Indigo Blue, Ultra Marin, Cobalt Blue, Turkish Blue, Inki Blue, Deep Blue, and Sky Blue. Now you can create your own young and mystical image with all the different Blue contacts at Queencontacts .