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VASSEN社/TARU/TA204 VIOLET/15.0mm/022
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VASSEN社/TARU/TA204 VIOLET/15.0mm/022

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detail prdoduct - 상품상세설명

 TA204  VIOLET  colored contact lenses

 TA204  VIOLET  colored contact lenses




Origin: South Korea

Diameter: 15 mm

Duration: 1 year

Base Curve: 8.6

Water content: 38%



 TA204  VIOLET  colored contact lenses

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On my dark brown eyes, their violet color shows really well, even in natural light. I also love the patern the contacts have, as it makes them look more natural, and gives more depth to the contacts themselves! Moreover, they have a nice diameter. This makes them perfect for cosplay, or even for the doll-eye look. Also, they are super comfortable and do not bother the eyes at all! In short, they are GREAT contacts! They have an amazing color in both natural light and flash and I am really pleased with them! Highly recommended for people looking for violet lenses :D

I am SO going to use them on my Diane shooting!
I am also thinking of doing a professional shooting for Lust in those :3 What do you guys think??

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