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[16mm ]  Fairy Kirei  Violet  /634
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[16mm ] Fairy Kirei Violet /634

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[16mm ]  Fairy Kirei  Violet Contact Lenses /634

[16mm ]  Fairy Kirei  Violet Contact Lenses

[16mm ]  Fairy Kirei  Violet Contact Lenses




Origin: South Korea

Diameter: 16.0mm

Base Curve: 8.6mm

Duration: 6-12month


There is absolutely no need to worry about the thin coloration of the contact lenses. The contact displays clear cut violet sparkles even from a far distance. In accordance with the black pupil base, the emphasized circumference of the contact maximizes the displayed effect of the contact lenses, which can make you appear both girlish and mature, depending on your makeup of the day!


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