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Gray has a stable feeling and gives a calm impression and stylish image at the same time. It may look plain and simple, but is not irritating. So you can create an image that expresses warmth. When you choose Gray contacts, you can get a better image of yours using the right tone among Grays. Coordinating with a variety of colored lenses ranging from the dark tone like photographs to the bright one close to white can make you stylish without a boring image. Let's fall in love with timeless Gray contacts’s charm that look great with any color.

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The Calm color - Gray contacts
Dark gray and light gray are the most natural for color matching with almost all colors. Gray is achromatic, so it look gook with all other colors. However, some of grey colors actually being used are not completely achromatic but mixed with other colors a bit.

[ Light gray contacts ]
The lower the chroma of gray is, the more feminine and emotional feelings it can express. The light gray is the Frech's favorit color as it feels soft and elegant.

[ Dark gray contacts ]
The more dark gray color are used, the more masculine and urbane feelings can be expressed, rather than emotional one. Dark grey is one of the favorite colors for Germans as it looks solid and dense.

Color trends change every season, and so do people's tastes and needs. But if you use Gray, which is well-coordinated with various colors, you will be able to have good and stylish feelings for your image without falling behind the trends.