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Colored Contacts enables you to express yourself with various colors! Comfortable, natural-colored lenses will make you want to wear them everyday! We selected high-quality lenses by some of the most popular brands. Over 500 of products with various colors/patterns are there for you! Both prescription for myopia and non-prescription are available.


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We have over 500 products of the latest fashion with various colors and tones. Brown and Black colors are popular by people with dark eyes, and Green and Blue colors are by users with light eyes. To make your eyes look clearer and bigger, we recommend you to have lenses with thick outer-rings and vivid designs. With natural looks, light-colored lenses with no outer rings are recommended.

We have products that are by typical Korean brand products such as GEO, DUEBA, VASSEN, ICK, NEOVISION, which all have European quality certifications, allowing the customer to buy at ease. If you want safe shopping or natural and attractive eyes, remember Queenslens! Both prescription for myopia and non-prescription are available. Queencontacts, trusted and sold all over the world from Japan to USA and Europe! We ship products from South Korea, where is well-known for its K-POP and color lens culture!