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If you want to have a more wonderful and valuable time with your friends while making them surprised and roar with laughter at Halloween party, we would definitely recommend Sclera contacts that cover the whole eye. Imagine your friends' surprised look when you appear at the party wearing these odd Sclera contacts. When you want to show off your existence and get everyone's attention, there is no better item than this. Sclera contacts present you with a perfect Halloween! Since various sizes and shapes of sclera contacts from 17mm Mini sclera contacts to 22mm Blackout sclera contacts are available, look around and shop for your own sclera contact.

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22mm / 17mm Sclera Contacts

If you appear at the party with your friends, dressed up in Halloween costumes that go well along with the Sclera contacts that cover the whole eyes, this Halloween party will be a meaningful one full of surprises and laughter. It is a perfect product that will disguise you as ghost, zombie and vampire.

  This product gets attention from all around poeple at the part once you wear it, Currently, the trendiest Sclera contacts can cover around your eyes in black color using 22mm black Sclera contacts the most but if you feel uncomfortable in it, 17mm MIni Sclear is recommanded. 

All Sclera lenses for sale are safe and reliable with CE and ISO certificate. However, the Sclera contacts are rather large at 22mm in diameter, making it burdensome to the eye if it is worn for long periods of time and possibly giving some discomfort. It may even influence your eyesight. It can be used for a maximum of 8 hours at a time, or if possible, it would be good to use it for no more than 3 hours at a time. The production company of Sclera contacts is located in Korea, so we are able to supply with very low price.

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